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My name is Catherine Wesley.  If you live here in Arlington, I’m one of your neighbors, someone who loves to spend time out walking with dogs.  And, I’m someone with enough experience to know how to take good care of your pets and keep them safe.

My dog walking service is all about pleasing my customers. I am old-fashioned in my attitude that the customer is always right. It’s my job to make you happy. I’m flexible in giving you the best service and certainly willing to negotiate about special needs that my clients may have.

ForestnRangerOnBridge.jpgYou can count on me. I strictly follow procedure as agreed upon and I always treat your loved one the way you would want me to treat him or her.

Your neighbors will appreciate how your dogs and I respect their lawns and shrubbery, and how we are not a problem for their dogs of other sizes.

Through many years of experience both owning and handling dogs I am familiar with their needs and behavior. I have been a humane society volunteer. Staying up to date on the subject is part of my job, there is always more to learn.


I am a writer. I walk dogs for a living because I love dogs and I especially love walking them. This is the perfect complement to my time at the computer. If you like fantasy novels written in a literary-style voice, please take a look at my site H.A. Byrd.com

I am a non-smoker.      Einstein2

  • I am strong: I can handle your large dog. I have led pack animals for hundreds of miles through the mountains; before I became a dog walker I drove an eighteen-wheeler through all of the lower 48 states.
  • I am gentle but firm: I raised our three boys with my husband and have years of occupational experience with highly vulnerable children and adults.
  • I have learned to be extremely patient: working with non verbal children and a lifetime of handling dogs and other animals has taught me this. Animals love me.
  • I am resourceful: I was a librarian. I have the maturity to manage situations.


I charge $20 for one dog for one half hour, $5 for additional half hour.

Additional dogs from the same home are $5 each half hour.

I come to your home and walk your dogs only, unless other arrangements are made.

I offer a walk and stroll in a stroller option for small dogs. I use a VIVO pet stroller. Your dog is comfortably and safely secured in the stroller, of course!