Why UW’s Dubs is a Malamute

The University of Washington Husky

The live mascot named Dubs has been a symbol of UW since February of 2009. Born at a kennel just to the north of us in Burlington, Dubs is actually an Alaskan malamute. The live Husky mascot at the University of Washington has traditionally been a malamute since the Husky mascot appeared thirteen doggie generations ago.

The University’s stance is that malamutes are a large type of husky and they chose to use the breed because it is the largest and strongest of the huskies. My guess is that also malamute was chosen over husky because malamutes tend to have a calmer disposition and are easier to control in large crowds. Huskies are generally more social but malamutes usually are calmer dogs.

Technically, the malamute and the husky, while both sled dogs of the north, are different breeds. Huskies are bred for speed and malamutes are bred for strength and endurance. According to Jennifer McBride, however, who cares for Dubs, the generic term “husky,” as opposed to “Siberian husky,” can be used for any northern breed of dog that pulls a sled. Between that and the fact that any supporter of the University of Washington is a “Husky,” Dubs can truly be considered a Husky.

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